Are you currently studying at College or University & would like this Student Free Offer of a Relaxation CD as a MP3 Audio Download?


You been working hard at your college/Unversity work and the strain of the study has all taken it's toll on your mental health & phyiscal well being. You have forgetten how to have fun and relax. This download could be your savour!

study stress


I would like to point out this free offer of a Relaxation CD Mp3 Audio download is to help you the student address you not being able to relax on your time off.


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All you have to do is send an email with a subject line of

"I want the free student offer" to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

and i will send you the onedrive link to download this 4 track Relaxation CD audio download as a zipped file containing the 4 x mp3 files, for you to unzipped and use as you please on all of your devices.

"The reason i am doing this, is i am currently a student myself and i know how mentally tough it can be on your mental health wellbeing. I want to help as many students as i can to improve their mental health & make the world a better place."

Relax and be well my new friends, and if the cd helped you & you want to help others or support this website you can gift me a small paypal payment to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or BTC Bitcoin to my address 


Regards Andy


About Relaxation CD Audio Tracks

Track 1 Eclectic Relaxation (Audio 12 minutes long)

What is Eclectic Relaxation (ER) on track one of the relaxation cd audio?

Eclectic Relaxation is a method enhance direct sensory reality and to facilitate muscular relaxation using increasing self-control over the mental process. It is repeated listening to the audio therapy over a number of sessions the minimum being six times and this audio track is for self help therapy.

Track 2 Progressive muscle relaxation (Audio 17 minutes long)

What is Progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) on track two of the relaxation cd audio?

Progressive muscle relaxation is a deep relaxation technique based upon the simple practice of tensing, or tightening, one muscle group at a time followed by a relaxation phase with release of the tension. This is known to effectively control stress, anxiety and relieve insomnia. Progressive muscle relaxation has been known to reduce symptoms of certain types of chronic pain. Progressive muscle relaxation in combination with standard treatments for symptom relief in a number of conditions, including headaches, cancer pain, high blood pressure and digestive disturbances.

Track 3 Mindfulness body scan (Audio 12 minutes long)

What is a mindfulness body scan on track three of the relaxation cd audio?

Mindfulness body scan is an attempt to reconnect your mind to your physical self, it is one of the most effective ways for a mindfulness meditation session. The purpose is to tune your body and too notice the sensations your feeling without holding judgement of your body. Many people find the mindfulness body scan relaxing and clearing the mind.

Track 4 Guided imagery relaxation (Audio 17 minutes long)

What is guided imagery relaxation on track four of the relaxation cd audio?

Guided imagery relaxation technique is a simple convenient relaxation technique that can help to calm and manage easily, simultaneously relaxing your mind and reducing stress or tension in your body. It will help you de-stress in minutes and is an extremely useful strategy in distracting you during stressful times and maintaining resilience towards stress. This technique can actually be good for insomnia and you will find yourself falling asleep to this audio track.

List of feedback for the Relaxation CD we sell.

We have sold this Best Relaxation CD for nearly ten years and in that time we have received hundreds of positive feedback about the relaxation cd, including a few negatives which we have tried to address to further improve our relaxation cd.

Just because we have a relaxation cd that sells, does not mean we will not continue to further develop this relaxation cd and other products associated with it.

Here is the list of the current feedback from our eBay account we have received about this relaxation cd.

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Believe us when we say we have too much feedback to list.

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Obtaining a Relaxation CD Mp3 Audio Download

 You have probably arrived at this page with a lot going on in your mind.
Be it Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Panic or even you cannot sleep with Insomnia.

I feel your pain, you feel as you cannot cope & you definitely cannot focus on sleep, if that sound like you, well this Relaxation CD Mp3 Audio Download is for you.

Girl thinking a stress problem

You are probably looking for ways to return to a healthy life, and get back to your old self, but I guess you have forgotten how to relax.
So to get you back to a healthy you, who is more relaxed, this is a must have Relaxation CD Mp3 Audio Download.

Healthy Life in a compass


To obtain this Relaxation CD Mp3 Audio download as a 4 track MP3 zipped file from my personnel OneDrive.


All you have to do is send TODAY an email with a subject line of

"I want the free cd offer" to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

You can include a brief message of how you found this website & how you think the Relaxation CD will benefit you if you want.

I will send you the onedrive link to download this 4 track Relaxation CD audio download as a zipped file containing the 4 x mp3 relaxation tracks, for you to unzip & use as you please on all of your devices.

"The reason i am doing this, is have suffered mental illiness myself (PTSD) and i know how mentally tough it can be on your mental health wellbeing. I want to help as many people as i can to improve their mental health & make the world a better place."

Relax and be well my new friends, and if the cd helped you & you want to help others or support this website you can gift me a small paypal payment to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or BTC Bitcoin to my address 


Regards Andy

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Relaxation CD UK to beat Stress, Anxiety, Panic, Depression & Insomnia

Relaxing Waterfall to calm the nerves

When suffering from a psychological mental illness be it depression, anxiety, panic, stress, insomnia or something else you then forget how to relax, and you will need re-learn on how to relax your body and mind again.

This Relaxation CD uk website has distributed many copies of its Relaxation CD in the UK, to NHS trusts & to many professional in the Mental Health services, around the world thus helping to beat depression, anxiety, panic, stress & insomnia.

The four tracks of this excellent audio Relaxation CD will demonstrate to you how to relax your muscles and your mind, unwind & sleep.

Tracks listed on the Relaxation CD mp3 audio.

  1. Track 1 Eclectic Relaxation 12mins
  2. Track 2 Progressive Muscle Relaxation 17mins
  3. Track 3 Mindfulness Body Scan 12mins
  4. Track 4 Guided Imagery Relaxation 17mins

Best Relaxation CD

Using the Relaxation CD Audio tracks.

To beat the depression, anxiety, panic, stress, insomnia coursing through your body, find a place that is comfortable for you and where you will be undisturbed for a period of time.


To get the best benefit from the Relaxation CD Audio, you will need to listen to the exercises for more than 10 times over the course of a couple of weeks.


Take care when listening to track four as it has been known to send people to sleep, so do not listen to the compact disc in the car or on the move.

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