How to relieve stress by using this Relaxation CD

This newspaper article is the history of how i came to develop a Relaxation CD to relieve stress, i have sold thousands of these RELAXATION CD, it may look plain and boring with no real artwork but its the quality of the material on the Relaxation CD that really matter. Like they say proof is in the pudding.

Fusion Media Software Solutions Ltd in conjunction with trained professionals at a National Health Service (NHS) Primary Care Trust in the United Kingdom developed and recorded this relaxation cd to help relieve stress and learn how to relax, Fusion media software solutions ltd then digitised the recordings and produced a four track relaxation cd & digital audio downloads. Many years this relaxation cd has been helping people who have attended their stress management courses with the NHS, to relax, relieve stress and improve insomnia. It has been sold to Individuals, Counsellors, Doctors and hospitals around the world in the treatment of Mental Illnesses and received excellent feedback.

"TAKE IT EASY relieve your stress Andrew Hack produces a Relaxation CD"

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